The last 30 days of released GLP1 research, December 2023

The last 30 days of released GLP1 research, December 2023
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Last updated: January 2024

GLP1 Receptor Agonist drugs (Semaglutide, Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy, etc) have seen extensive testing and research in the past, due to their usage by people with type 2 Diabetes.

Finding all this research is hard, so here at we're trying to put together a list. Here's what we've found – most recent research first.

Observational Studies

Real‐world effectiveness and safety of oral semaglutide in people living with type 2 diabetes: A nationwide multicentre retrospective observational study


Effect of tirzepatide on blood pressure levels in overweight/obese individuals without diabetes

GLP1-Agonists: effect in management of diabetes and weight loss in older adults with overweight and obesity

Evaluation of the effect of liraglutide therapy on body weight and insulin resistance.

Cardiovascular and mortality outcomes with GLP-1 receptor agonists vs other glucose-lowering drugs in individuals with NAFLD and type 2 diabetes: a large population-based matched cohort study

The effect of semaglutide on blood pressure in patients with type-2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

High Glucose Impairs Cognitive Function through Inducing Mitochondrial Calcium Overload in Treg Cells
(GLP1 reduces the negative cognitive effects)

GLP-1 receptor agonists and myocardial metabolism in atrial fibrillation

GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and Colorectal Cancer Risk in Drug-Naive Patients With Type 2 Diabetes, With and Without Overweight/Obesity


A Case Report of Systemic Allergic Reaction to the Dual Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide/Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist Tirzepatide

Impact of GLP-1 Agonists on Male Reproductive Health—A Narrative Review

The EMA and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Agonists: A Wake-Up Call

Semaglutide and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction and Obesity

The association between glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) and suicidality: reports to the Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)

Association of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists with serious liver events among patients with type 2 diabetes: A scandinavian cohort study

No Increased Risk for Thyroid Cancer in Diabetic Patients Prescribed GLP-1 Medications Compared to Those Prescribed Insulin

Rhabdomyolysis Associated With Semaglutide Therapy: A Case Report

Appendicitis: A Hidden Danger of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists?

With other existing conditions

Management of type 2 diabetes in patients with compensated liver cirrhosis: Short of evidence, plenty of potential

Glucagon‐like peptide‐1 analogues in monogenic syndromic obesity: Real‐world data from a large cohort of Alström syndrome patients

Use of glucagon‐like peptide‐1 receptor agonists in eating disorder populations

Liver decompensation after rapid weight loss from semaglutide in a patient with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis-associated cirrhosis

Action Mechanisms of Metformin Combined with Exenatide and Metformin Only in the Treatment of PCOS in Obese Patients

The long road to neuroprotection for Parkinson's disease

Benefits of administering GLP-1 analogs to patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, considering their effect on adipose tissue metabolism

Unveiling the Interplay of Klotho Protein, Chemotherapy-Induced Klotho Protein Deficiency, and the Pivotal Role of GLP-1 Agonists like Ozempic in Cancer Survivorship Patient Survival Rate after Chemotherapy Treatment

The Impact of Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) Agonists on Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and Perioperative Considerations

An Atypical Presentation of Dulaglutide-Induced Pancreatitis Complicated by Superior Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis


Novel Therapies in Diabetes: A Comprehensive Narrative Review of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists, SGLT2 Inhibitors, and Beyond

Comparison of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and Other Glucose-Lowering Agents on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Glucagon‐like peptide agonists: A prospective review

Practice Patterns and Perspectives of the Off-Label Use of GLP-1 Agonists for Cosmetic Weight Loss

At ObesityWeek, More Data and Questions About Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and Retatrutide

New methods/approaches/substances

OXM-104, a potential candidate for the treatment of obesity, NASH and type 2 diabetes

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