Nestle's Vital Pursuit for GLP1 users

The trend of companies riding the GLP1 wave continues -- Nestle introduces a new food line that is aimed at attracting GLP1 users.

Nestle's Vital Pursuit for GLP1 users

Large companies are starting to lean in to the trend of GLP1 medications changing (and reducing) appetites for unhealthy food in the United States and elsewhere.

Nestlé introduces Vital Pursuit brand to support GLP-1 users in the US
Nestlé is introducing Vital Pursuit, a new line of foods intended to be a companion for GLP-1 weight loss medication users and consumers focused on weight management in the US.

This is a really interesting trend, as it shows that companies are evolving to meet the public where they are – wanting to eat less fattening food, but still enjoy meals.

What happens to fast food companies?

Many have already started calling for the de-rating of Fast food companies that make their profit from consumers who are hooked on their foods.

In a world where everyone is in slightly more control of their cravings (whether with GLP1 or without), does McDonalds make quite as much money?

Outlets like CNN have already picked up on this trend:

Nestlé and other companies are trying to stake their claims as weight loss drug experts. They’re not | CNN Business
As the use of popular weight loss and diabetes drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic skyrockets, consumer brands are scrambling to adapt. But health professionals are warning consumers not to take medical advice from the same companies trying to sell them food, supplements and other consumables.

Does GLP1 affect other "vices"?

Along with fast food and unhealthy eating, GLP1 may be having an effect on other hobbies traditionally seen as "vices":

  • Smoking
  • Drinking (alcohol)
The Growing Scientific Case for Using Ozempic and other GLP-1s to Treat Opioid, Alcohol, and Nicotine Addiction
GLP-1s are showing dramatic results in reducing addictive drive while providing holistic mental health benefits to patients.

Can any of this work if GLP1 is still unaffordable?

Companies are springing up to attack this as well – for example hims and hers actually have released a plan that offers compounded GLP1 for close to $200 a month, far more affordable than the $1000 that is normally quoted.

Affordability and Safety: How Hims & Hers is Delivering a New GLP-1 Experience Through the Scale of Our Platform
Starting today, Hims & Hers is providing access to compounded GLP-1 treatments for eligible customers at prices starting at $199/monthly.

While compounded Semaglutide is normally quite hard to recommend as it is hard to verify whether compounding pharmacies are creating quality product, the idea is that hims and hers have a strong incentive to make sure that quality is high, and can offer some legitimacy to the compounding pharmacies that they are partnered with.

While compounding pharmacies/custom made GLP1s have been widely disregarded/derided, this is quite the turning point in the discourse, as hims and hers are ostensibly reasonable, responsible companies that are willing to take the leap, at high scale.