How does weight loss actually occur?

How does weight loss actually occur?
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Have you ever thought about how weight actually leaves your body?

Sure you can exercise and eat right and use GLP1 receptor agonist drugs, but how do the pounds actually "fall off"?

Cleveland Clinic's got a great article on exactly this:

Where Does Body Fat Go When You Lose Weight?
When weight disappears, the fat has to go somewhere. Our endocrinologist explains exactly where that is.

To summarize, primarily you:

  • Sweat it out
  • Urinate (pee) it out
  • Breathe it out

If you've ever been on a weight loss journey, you'll know that waking up "lighter" is a very common occurrence – all that breathing you do while you're asleep is often a great driver of weight loss.

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